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Back Pain After a Car Accident

A car accident can cause all sorts of injuries and resulting pain, which can sometimes have a massive impact on a person’s life, health, profession, and family. Back pain after a car accident is relatively common and may require costly medical care.

For those injured by the negligence of another driver, litigation is one way to reach a favorable settlement, obtain compensation or collect damages. When it comes to collecting evidence, calculating expenses, proving another driver’s liability, and ultimately, reaching a favorable injury settlement or verdict, it’s important to consult an experienced New York car accident lawyer.

What To Do For Back Pain After Car Accident

When it comes to back pain after a car accident, you might be unsure about where to start. . It’s important to remember to reach out for medical care promptly following a collision. Sharing your symptoms with a doctor and getting a proper diagnosis early on will help you start treatment and rehabilitation efforts as soon as possible.

Also, when accident victims file for insurance claims, the company may interpret a delay in medical care as evidence that your injuries aren’t severe. However, even seemingly minor injuries can lead to costly chiropractor or physical therapy bills. Seeking prompt treatment for pain symptoms will help preserve any legal claims.

What Causes Back Pain After a Car Accident?

After a vehicle collision, it can be hard to pinpoint if your pain is back-related due to overall soreness. Understanding post-accident symptoms can guide your next steps and help with your recovery plan and potential compensation claims.

Your spine runs from your neck down your back, so after a car accident, pain in the back after a car accident can radiate to many areas. Spinal injuries after a car accident can result from inflammation, fractures, or compressed nerves, with symptoms ranging from mild discomfort to severe impairment. Proper documentation of your symptoms can support your accident claim and insurance coverage.

Common post-accident symptoms include:

  • Muscle spasms: Muscles may twitch, form knots, and feel tender, with pain ranging from mild to severe. These may require chiropractic treatment or other forms of pain management.
  • Burning pain: Pain may radiate from your back down your legs, varying from a quick ache to persistent burning. This might necessitate diagnostic tests and potentially back surgery.
  • Stiffness: Muscles may tense, reducing flexibility, impacting your daily recovery, and potentially leading to chronic pain.
  • Sharp pain: Sudden movements (sitting up or standing) can cause acute sharp pain in your back.
  • Discomfort when walking or standing: Physical activity may trigger throbbing or mild pain, hindering daily tasks and contributing to emotional distress.
  • Tingling or numbness: Pinched nerves can cause sensations in your legs, feet, arms, or hands, potentially affecting your recovery and rehabilitation costs.

Additionally, whiplash may cause headaches, dizziness, or disorientation, while facet disease can lead to neck or shoulder pain. Keep track of your symptoms, noting which activities increase your pain and how often it occurs. Accurate medical records and orthopedic evaluation are crucial for legal representation and the lawsuit process.

If your injuries result in significant medical expenses, lost wages, or permanent disability, consult with personal injury lawyers to pursue an injury lawsuit for injury compensation. Witness testimony and expert witnesses can support your case, ensuring a fair settlement offer for your pain and suffering, financial losses, and medical bills.

Engaging in legal action with proper legal counsel can facilitate a favorable court settlement, helping you achieve the recovery you deserve.

Common Back Injuries from Car Accidents

Pain after car accidents may signify a number of possible back injuries, including:

Whiplash: The sudden whipping motion from a car impact often causes neck and back pain, known as whiplash, which can range from minor to severe.

Lumbar Sprains: Lower back pain from muscle and tissue damage due to intense forces. Lower back pain after a car accident is a common symptom, but they are diagnosed clinically as X-rays are often inconclusive.

Lumbar Spine Injuries: Injuries in the lower back, such as fractures requiring surgery or sciatica, are treated with physical therapy. Diagnosed with X-rays or MRI.

Spinal Stenosis: A progressive condition from untreated back injuries leading to nerve compression in the spinal canal, causing pain and tingling. Diagnosed through symptoms and imaging.

Disc Herniation: Compression or misalignment of vertebral discs from the accident’s force, causing back pain after a car accident. Treatment varies from surgery to physical therapy, diagnosed via X-rays or MRI.

Thoracic Spine Injuries: Injuries from the middle to upper back, including fractures and herniations, potentially causing severe pain or paralysis. Diagnosis and treatment plans are provided by a doctor.

Facet Joint Injuries: Immediate pain from damaged facet joints, potentially leading to degenerative disorders. Diagnosed through extensive evaluation and imaging.

For specialized care, neurosurgeons and neurologists who focus on back pain accident injuries might be required.

Compensation for a Back Injury Due to a Car Accident

Even in a “no-fault” state like New York, you have the right to seek compensation for a back injury from a car crash, including pain, suffering, or emotional distress in certain situations.

In New York, the no-fault regulations ensure that your own car insurance company covers up to $50,000 in medical expenses following a car accident. However, this coverage may not cover all your costs. As a victim of an auto accident, it’s crucial to evaluate all your losses, including pain and suffering, before agreeing to any settlement offered by an insurance adjuster.

Considering aspects such as recovery, accident liability, and pain and suffering is imperative. Before accepting any settlement, ensure you’ve assessed all damages thoroughly. Consulting with legal counsel and obtaining an orthopedic evaluation can provide valuable insights into the full extent of your injuries, helping you navigate the complexities of an insurance claim. Be mindful of the importance of documenting the incident with an accident report.

A Lawyer can help guide you through this process. Additionally, the legal fees for representation in cases involving auto accident back pain don’t typically include upfront costs. Instead, your lawyer only recovers if your claim is successful. In that case, they will receive a percentage of your damages or settlement as their payment.

Need Legal Help? Contact a Car Accident Lawye

Experiencing back pain from a car wreck can be devastating physically, emotionally, and financially. Fortunately, by taking intelligent and immediate actions after a car accident, you can protect yourself and potentially recover compensation for your injuries.

Remember that after a car accident, back pains may be a sign of serious injuries. Once you’ve handled any medical emergencies, connect with an attorney to learn how to protect your rights and your future.

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