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Staying Safe: How Weather Impacts Injury Risks in the NYC and NJ Region

by omniinjurylaw
Feb 9, 2024

The weather in the northeast brings beautiful snowfalls, spring showers, and pleasant autumn days. But changing conditions also lead to thousands of preventable injuries each year. Learning how specific conditions raise the risk of accidents allows you to stay safe and aware. If you are injured in an accident, contact Omni Injury and Accident Law, P.C. to see how we can help you through the legal process of getting you fair compensation.

Weather Impacts Injury Risks

Rain Creates Hazards for Drivers and Pedestrians

During or after a rainfall or storm, vehicles lose traction and have a harder time turning or stopping quickly. Poor visibility also makes it more difficult to see obstacles, pedestrians, cars, signs and signals ahead. These issues cause drivers to pump the brakes and travel at slower speeds. Unfortunately, risky conditions lead to large numbers of collisions and injuries each year:

  • Over 500,000 people are injured and nearly 6,000 are killed each year due to wet roads – which is much higher than injuries and fatalities WHILE it’s raining
  • Over half of weather-related crashes happen on slick pavement
  • Flooding poses further threats by blocking off access to covered roads and lanes. Roads near bodies of water see the most flooding damage from major storms.

By being alert to traction loss and visibility issues, we can work together to prevent needless accidents. Patience and caution will go a long way toward safer streets for all during stormy travels.

Reduced traction and visibility make quick reactions difficult. Pedestrians also face risks:

  • More than 300 annual pedestrian injuries occur in wet conditions in NYC
  • Nearly 100 ER visits daily for slip and falls after NJ rainfalls
  • Prevention – Drive cautiously, allow extra stopping distance, watch for pedestrians
  • Icy Conditions Lead to Increased Slips and Falls

Snowy Conditions and What to Expect

Snowy winters cause thousands of sprains, fractures and head injuries on slippery sidewalks, parking lots and paths.

  • Over 5 inches of snow doubles ER visits for falls the next day
  • Thinner ice, leftover snow piles hidden “black ice” also raise risks
  • Prevention – Wear proper footwear, use salt/sand for traction, install rails

Storms and High Winds Endanger Property and Individuals

Strong storms with heavy rain, lightning and powerful winds cause injuries and widespread property damage yearly:

  • Flying debris in winds blows into people and homes
  • Downed power lines from falling trees pose electrocution risks
  • Prevention – Stay updated on local weather alerts, avoid downed lines, shelter indoors

Adjusting routines based on weather can drastically reduce chances for suffering unnecessary injuries. However, if misfortune still strikes, our dedicated injury attorneys can help you recover and rebuild your life.

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