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Tips for Pedestrians and Cyclists Sharing Local Roads in NYC

by omniinjurylaw
Feb 12, 2024

Our busy NYC streets pose extra risks for walkers and bikers unless we intentionally address safety. At Omni Injury and Accident Law, P.C., our New York attorneys work to ensure the rights of pedestrians and bicyclists are protected after an accident. Our firm would like to offer tips for pedestrians and cyclists to stay vigilant while navigating roads around town safely. Keeping these proactive measures in mind can help prevent accidents.

Pedestrians and Cyclists Share the Road

Prepare for Changing Weather

Inclement weather from rain to snow as well as darkness greatly increase chances of pedestrian and bicycle accidents. To prepare for the various weather conditions and visibility, prepare accordingly:

  • Wear reflective gear or bright colors so vehicles see you
  • Add lights to bikes and gear to stand out at night
  • Carry flashlights and wear anti-slip shoes in winter to prevent slips.

Here are some specific suggestions for reflective gear and lighting to keep pedestrians and cyclists visible and safe in low visibility conditions:

Reflective Vests & Wristbands – Remember to wear reflective gear with strips or piping and make them a habit when walking or riding at night. Beyond strap-on arm bands, full safety vests provide visibility from all directions. Look for weatherproof reflective gear to withstand the rain or snow, as these conditions make it even more important to stand out and stay safe. If these aren’t an option, wear neon or bright colors like yellow or green over plain white gear so drivers can see you well in advance.

LED Lights & Flashers – Clip compact LED wrist and ankle lights to moving limbs when running, walking, or riding a bike at night to spotlight motion. Runners should opt for lightweight LED flasher straps to avoid heavier arm bands interfering with movement. Cyclists have options like handlebar headlights, taillights, and full wheel rim lights.

Smart Gear Integration – Backpacks, purses, jackets, and sneakers now integrate reflective strips and flashing lights seamlessly into designs for multipurpose visibility. Embedded wearable bike lights auto activate when dark through sensors while high-visibility patterns stand out during daylight as well and drivers can see you well in advance.

Follow all Traffic Signs and Signals

It’s critical for pedestrians and cyclists to obey stop signs, wait for walk indicators before crossing and using bike lanes as applicable. This attentiveness sets the tone for safety-first road sharing. These traffic indicators are there for everyone’s protection.

Stay Alert Around Passing Vehicles

Assume cars do not see you as they turn or maneuver tight streets. Make eye contact whenever possible and keep your ears and eyes focused 100% on your surroundings rather than devices or distractions.

We all must play an active role in preventing local accidents on the roads we share. Keep these tips and reminders top of mind so you feel equipped, empowered, and vigilant while walking or biking around town.

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