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Common Causes of Truck Accidents in NY and NJ

by omniinjurylaw
Feb 16, 2024

With thousands of trucks on highways and local roads shipping goods across the country, both New York and New Jersey see hundreds of collisions involving large commercial trucks each year. Unfortunately, the size difference between passenger cars and big rigs often leads to significant injuries and costly vehicle damage. Omni Injury and Accident Law, P.C. understand how trying this time can be for you. Being injured in a truck accident can change your life. Don’t take on the stress of your injuries and the legal battle alone, call us at (646)-736-4184 to take the stress out of getting your compensation.

Truck Accidents

Commercial truck companies bear significant responsibility for maintaining safe driving practices to avoid crashes. Trucking companies have legal obligations to comply with safety standards that when not properly adhered to and an accident arises, can leave them vulnerable in personal injury claims.

Fatigued Driving Leads to Slow Response Times

Truckers working long hours and overtime can experience fatigue and even exhaustion to maintain distribution schedules. Tired drivers are a serious hazard and danger to others as they experience:

  • Impaired hazard perception
  • Delayed reaction times
  • Reduced alertness leading to nodding off

Industry pressures and tight delivery windows also incentivize pushing through fatigue. Yet tired truckers cause many multi-car chain reaction crashes.

Regulations exist to protect everyone sharing the road. Some commercial truck accidents are preventable and holding the organizations fully accountable motivates industry-wide policy changes.

Bolstering Truck Driver Education to Promote Safety

Driver error is the culprit for most 18-wheeler crashes, so improving the training throughout the industry is vital and it needs to be proactive. According to the Department of Transportation (DOT), freight volume is projected to rise 40% over the next few decades. Meeting shipping demands with safe, qualified drivers will require strategic investments in rigorous preparation programs.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration now examines numerous aspects of CDL training and education:

  • Standardizing accredited curriculum frameworks
  • Hazardous materials certification requirements
  • Ongoing continuing education on emerging safety technologies
  • Stringent instructor qualification benchmarks

By integrating these foundational elements into structured technical training programs, carriers can significantly improve the safe practices of the truck drivers, spreading risk awareness, and commitment to operating vehicles safely based on intensive education.

Equipment Issues and Poor Cargo Loading

Trucks sustain extensive wear-and-tear as they haul massive loads and maintain regular delivery schedules. Maintenance is absolutely necessary, but if ignored by truck drivers and supervisors and they continue operating the vehicles, the quality can be compromised in ways such as:

  • Worn out brakes
  • Worn tire tread
  • Broken taillights

Overloaded or unbalanced trailer cargo also affects vehicle handling, producing dangerous swaying or tipping.

Blind Spots Lead to Merging / Turning Crashes

Large trucks have expansive blind spots around the full perimeter of the rig. Car drivers often underestimate the areas a trucker can’t see nearby. Sideswipe crashes frequently occur when:

  • Passenger vehicles following too closely then attempt to suddenly pass
  • Cars cut in too quickly after passing trucks

By giving ample space for trucks and avoiding lingering in blind zones, we can together make local roads safer for both auto and truck drivers alike.

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